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Welcome to my indie horror games switch blog! Here you will find all of the latest and greatest Nintendo Switch games that focus on the thrill and chills of horror gaming. Whether you’re a seasoned horror gamer or just getting started, I hope you’ll find something here to keep you entertained.


The best indie horror games for the Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch has been out for over a year now, and in that time, it’s amassed a pretty solid lineup of games. One genre that the Switch has particularly excelled in is horror. Horror games tend to be pretty popular on handheld devices like the Switch because they’re perfect for short bursts of play when you’re trying to get your scares in while you’re on the go.

Here are some of the best indie horror games you can find on the Nintendo Switch.

1. Layers of Fear

Bloober Team’s 2016 first-person psychological horror game was one of this generation’s first great horror games, and it’s just as effective on the Nintendo Switch. Layers of Fear tells the story of a painter attempting to finish his magnum opus, but as he descends into madness, things start to get really weird (and scary).

If you’re looking for a mind-bending horror game with some seriously creepy atmosphere, Layers of Fear is definitely worth checking out.

2. Outlast: Whistleblower

Red Barrels’ Outlast was one of the most popular horror games on PC when it was released back in 2013, and its expansions only added to its legend. The first expansion, Whistleblower, puts you in the shoes of an investigative journalist who finds himself trapped in Mount Massive Asylum with some seriously deranged inmates running around loose.

If you thought Outlast was terrifying on PC or other consoles, just wait until you try it on the portable Switch console, where there’s nowhere to hide from enemies.

3.” Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2″

The Resident Evil franchise has always been known for being pretty darn scary, but sometimes it strays too far into action territory and loses what made it so special in the first place. That’s why I’m such a fan of Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2; they bring survival horror back to the forefront while still retaining all of the series’ trademark style and flair.

Plus, these two games come together on one Switch cartridge, so you get twice as much terror for your money.


The scariest indie horror games for the Nintendo Switch


1. Resident Evil: Revelations 2
2. Layers of Fear: Inheritance
3. Outlast II
4. Slender: The Arrival
5. Amnesia: Collection


The most underrated indie horror games for the Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch has become a haven for indie developers, and horror games have been some of the most popular titles on the platform. While big-budget AAA horror games often get all the attention, plenty of great indie horror games deserve to be played. Here are some of the most underrated indie horror games for the Nintendo Switch.

1. Layers of Fear: Blossoms Edition

Layers of Fear is a first-person psychological horror game that tells the story of a tortured artist who is trying to complete his Magnum Opus. The game is heavily inspired by classic works of psychological horror, such as The Shining and Silent Hill 2. It features a beautiful hand-painted art style, an atmospheric soundtrack, and a truly unsettling atmosphere. The Blossoms Edition includes the base game, as well as two pieces of DLC: Inheritance and Lust from Beyond Chapter 1. If you’re looking for a deep and horrifying experience, Layers of Fear is definitely worth checking out.

2. Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares II is a sequel to the critically acclaimed puzzle-platformer Little nightmares. It follows the story of Mono, a young boy who wakes up in a world where nightmares have taken over. He teams up with Six, the girl from the first game, to try and escape this nightmarish place. Little nightmares II is just as dark and twisted as its predecessor, but it also adds in more action elements, making it even more suspenseful and exciting to play. Little nightmares II is worth checking out if you’re looking for another atmospheric puzzle platformer with gorgeous visuals and an unsettling atmosphere.

3.”The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters.”

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters is a Korean survival horror game that takes place in an alternate version of Seoul where students must survive against vicious creatures known as “the Sisters.” The player takes on the role of Mina Park, a student who wakes up in her school after being attacked by one of these creatures. She must now find her way out while avoiding being caught by them again. The Coma 2 features beautifully detailed pixel art graphics, an immersive soundtrack, and tight gameplay that will keep you on edge throughout your journey.”


The most overrated indie horror games for the Nintendo Switch


There are a lot of great indie horror games out there for the Nintendo Switch. But, there are also a lot of overrated ones. Here are some of the most overrated indie horror games for the Nintendo Switch:

1. Layers of Fear: This game is all style and has no substance. It’s visually impressive, but the gameplay is extremely boring and repetitive.

2. Outlast: This game is just not that scary. Yes, it has some jump scares, but they’re not enough to make up for the overall blandness of the game.

3. Slender: The Arrival: This game is incredibly short and not very interesting. It’s also not very scary, despite what some people might say.

4. Amnesia: The Dark Descent: This game is very slow-paced and not particularly scary. It’s also full of technical issues that can be frustrating to deal with.

5. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard: While this game is technically impressive, it’s just not that fun to play. It’s also way too easy and doesn’t offer much in terms of challenge


The best indie horror games for the Nintendo Switch that you’ve never heard of


The Nintendo Switch is a great console for gamers who enjoy a variety of genres, including horror. While the Switch doesn’t have as many horror games as some of the other consoles, there are still a few hidden gems that are worth checking out. Here are four of the best indie horror games for the Nintendo Switch that you’ve probably never heard of.

1. Layers of Fear: Bloober Team’s psychological horror game puts players in the role of a disturbed painter who is creating his magnum opus. As players explore the game’s creepy Victorian-era mansion, they’ll uncover dark secrets about the protagonist’s past and descent into madness. Layers of Fear is a slow-burn thriller that will keep you on edge from beginning to end.

2. Little Nightmares: This atmospheric puzzle platformer from Tarsier Studios features a cute but twisted visual style reminiscent of Tim Burton films. Players take control of Six, a young girl who is trying to escape from The Maw – a nightmarish ship inhabited by grotesque creatures known as The Granny and The Kidnapper. Little Nightmares is full of suspense and surprises, and its unique visuals make it one of the most visually arresting games on the Switch.

3.” Oxenfree”: Xenofree is an adventure game with light RPG elements, in which players control teenage girl Alex as she attends her friend’s island party. However, things quickly take a turn for the worse when mysterious forces begin manipulating time and space around them. It’s up to Alex and her friends to figure out what’s going on and find a way back home safely in this spine-tingling supernatural mystery.

4.” Stories Untold”: Stories Untold is a unique episodic adventure game that tells its tale through four retro-styled “text adventures.” Each episode sees players taking control of different characters in strange situations, ranging from investigating eerie abandoned locations to conducting experiments on themselves in remote laboratories. With its engaging stories and clever use of nostalgia, Stories Untold is an experience that should not be missed by any fan of horror games or interactive fiction.”


The worst indie horror games for the Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch is home to some great indie horror games, but it also has its fair share of stinkers. Here are the worst of the bunch.

1. Layers of Fear: Legacy

Layers of Fear: Legacy is a port of the 2016 PC game that was marred by technical issues and poor design choices. The Switch version is no different, as it suffers from framerate issues, long load times, and crashes. The game’s atmosphere and art style are its only saving grace, but they’re not enough to make up for its many flaws.

2. White Night

White Night is a tedious and frustrating puzzle game that offers little in the way of scares or entertainment. Its monochromatic art style isn’t particularly appealing, and the puzzles are often obtuse and require trial-and-error to solve. With so many better horror games available on the Switch, there’s no reason to waste your time with this one.

3. Dread Nautical

Dread Nautical is a dull and repetitive roguelike that does nothing to stand out from the crowd. Its combat is simplistic and unenjoyable, its environments are bland, and its overall presentation is uninspired. There are far better roguelikes available on the Switch (such as Hades), so there’s no reason to bother with this one unless you’re desperate for a fix.


The most disappointing indie horror games for the Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch has been out for over two years now, and in that time, the console has amassed a pretty impressive library of games. However, not all of those games are hits with critics and fans alike. In fact, there are quite a few indie horror games on the Switch that have been pretty disappointing.

If you’re looking for some good indie horror games to play on your Switch, you might want to avoid these five titles:

1. Layers of Fear: Heritage

This game had the potential to be a great atmospheric horror game, but unfortunately, it falls flat in almost every way. The story is convoluted and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, the graphics are lackluster, and the gameplay is extremely repetitive. Overall, Layers of Fear: Heritage is a huge disappointment.


2. The Black Death

This game tries to be an open-world survival horror game set during the bubonic plague, but it ends up being a boring and frustrating experience. The combat is tedious, the world is empty and lifeless, and the whole game just feels like one big grind. Avoid this one if you’re looking for a good horror game on the Switch.

3.” White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.”

While this particular title may not necessarily be “disappointing,” it’s worth mentioning because it’s such an infamously terrible port of an otherwise decent Korean horror game. The original White Day was released back in 2001 for PC and was met with mixed reviews. However, when the game was ported to mobile devices in 2017 (with additional content), it became an unplayable mess due to its numerous technical issues. If you want to play White Day: A Labyrinth Named School on your Switch, we recommend avoiding this particular port and instead opting for the superior PS4 version, which was released earlier this year


The best indie horror games for the Nintendo Switch that are coming out soon


The Nintendo Switch is a great console for horror fans. It’s portable, so you can take your scares with you wherever you go. And, thanks to the Switch’s unique capabilities, some really innovative and exciting indie horror games are on the horizon. Here are some of the best indie horror games coming to the Nintendo Switch soon:

1. Layers of Fear: Bloober Team’s atmospheric horror game puts players in the shoes of a tortured artist who’s descending into madness. Layers of Fear is sure to send chills down your spine with its ethereal visuals and unsettling atmosphere.

2. The Coma: Recut: Devespresso Games’ Korean-style survival horror game is getting an overhaul for the Switch release. The Coma: Recut will feature new HD graphics, reworked gameplay mechanics, and additional content not found in the original release. If you’re looking for a true test of nerves, this one is for you.

3. Little Nightmares: This dark puzzle platformer from Tarsier Studios follows a young girl named Six who’s trapped in a nightmarish world full of deadly creatures called The Maw. With its gorgeous visuals and tense gameplay, Little Nightmares is sure to be a hit with Switch owners looking for something different from traditional horror fare.

4. Xenofree: Night School Studio’s supernatural thriller tells the story of a group of friends who open up a ghostly rift while exploring an abandoned military island. Xenofree features choice-based gameplay that allows players to shape the course of the story, making it one of the most repayable horror games around.

5. Outlast 2: Red Barrels’ much-anticipated sequel to their hit survival horror game Outlast returns players to Mount Massive Asylum, where they’ll face off against deranged inmates and mutated monstrosities lurking in the shadows. With its intense scares and gore galore, Outlast 2 is sure to be one switch title that horror fans won’t want to miss.

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