How Many Wired Controllers Can Connect to Nintendo Switch?

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We all know that the Nintendo Switch is a versatile console that can be used both at home and on the go. But did you know that it can also accommodate up to eight wired controllers? That’s right, eight! So if you’re looking for a party game console, the Switch is definitely the way to go.


How many wired controllers can connect to Nintendo Switch?

You can connect up to eight wired controllers at the same time to a Nintendo Switch console.

The benefits of using wired controllers

Wired controllers have been around since the early days of gaming, and while wireless options in recent years have largely replaced them, they still have some clear benefits.

First and foremost, wired controllers offer a much more stable connection than their wireless counterparts. This means that there’s far less chance of input lag or other issues, which can be extremely important in fast-paced games.

Secondly, wired controllers tend to be cheaper than wireless options, making them a great choice for budget-conscious gamers. They also don’t require any batteries or other power sources, meaning you’ll never have to worry about them running out of juice in the middle of a gaming session.

If you’re looking for the most reliable and affordable gaming experience, a wired controller is definitely the way.


The best-wired controllers for Nintendo Switch

When it comes to gaming, there are a few different controller types you can choose from. Wired controllers have been around the longest and tend to be gamers’ most popular choice. I have a few recommendations if you’re looking for a wired controller for your Nintendo Switch.

Some of the best-wired controllers for Nintendo Switch are the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller, the HORI Battle Pad, and the 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+.

The PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller is one of the most popular options on Amazon, with over 4,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. It’s a full-sized controller with programmable buttons and motion controls, and it comes in a variety of different colors.

The HORI Battle Pad is another great option for gamers who want a little more precision with their gameplay. This controller has a d-pad that is designed specifically for fighting games, and it also comes in a variety of different colors.

If you’re looking for something a little different, the 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ might be a perfect choice. This controller is based on the classic Super Nintendo controller, and it even has wireless support so that you can use it with your PC or Mac as well as your Nintendo Switch.


How to connect wired controllers to Nintendo Switch

You can connect up to eight wired controllers to the Nintendo Switch console at once. To do this, simply connect the controllers to the console using the USB ports on top of the console.


The disadvantages of using wired controllers

While wired controllers offer some clear advantages, they also have some distinct disadvantages. One of the biggest drawbacks is that they can be a tripping hazard. If you have kids or pets (or yourself) running around while you’re gaming, it’s easy to accidentally trip over a wire and pull your console down with you. Wired controllers can also be tangled and messy, making it tough to keep your gaming area tidy and organized. And if you have multiple wired controllers, it can be difficult to keep track of them all.


When to use wired controllers for Nintendo Switch

You might want to use a wired controller when:

  • You don’t have enough Joy-Con controllers for the number of people who want to play together. With a Switch Pro Controller or Joy-Con paired to the Nintendo Switch console, up to four people can play together.
  • The battery in your Joy-Con controllers isn’t charged, and you don’t have time to wait for them to charge before you start playing.
  • You’re playing a game that is compatible with moments when one player uses two Joy-Cons, such as 1-2 Switch or Arms. Or, you want the sensory feedback that can come from using a controller with HD Rumble or an IR Motion Camera.


How to use wired controllers with Nintendo Switch

You can use up to four wired controllers with the Nintendo Switch console. To do so, simply connect the controllers to the console using the USB ports.

The pros and cons of using wired controllers for Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch has been a massive success since it was released in 2017, and part of that success is due to the fact that it’s a very versatile console. You cannot only play it at home on your TV but also take it with you on the go and play it in handheld mode. And, if you want a more traditional gaming experience, you can even use wired controllers with your Switch.

There are some pros and cons to using wired controllers with your Switch, so let’s break them down.


-You don’t have to worry about batteries dying in the middle of a game.
-Wired controllers tend to have less input lag than wireless controllers.
-You can use third-party wired controllers with your Switch, giving you more customization options and design options.


-You have to be tethered to the console, which can be constricting if you want to move around while playing.
-If someone trips over the cord or yanks on it accidentally, they can pull the Switch off the table or couch, which could damage the console or controller.

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