Does Wii u pro controller work with switch?

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Works with Wii U, But…

Do you own a Nintendo Switch and also have a Wii U? If so, you’re in luck! The pro controller for the Nintendo Switch works with both platforms. So if you’re looking to take your gaming experience up a notch or just want to use one device to control your games on two different systems, the pro controller is the way to go!

The Wii U Pro Controller: An Overview

The Wii U Pro Controller is a peripheral for the Wii U console that allows players to experience games in a more traditional controller layout. The Pro Controller features dual analog sticks, a directional pad, four face buttons, two shoulder buttons, and two triggers. It also includes motion controls and vibrating functionality. The Wii U Pro Controller can be used for any game that supports it, including all Nintendo-published titles and many third-party games.

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The Wii U Pro Controller and the Nintendo Switch

The Wii U Pro Controller was released in late 2012 as an optional accessory for the then-new Nintendo Wii U console. It is a more traditional controller than the standard Wii U GamePad, resembling other console controllers on the market, such as the Xbox 360’s Controller and the PlayStation 3’s DualShock 3. The Pro Controller can be used for any game that supports it, including all first-party Nintendo games and many third-party titles.

The Nintendo Switch, released in early 2017, is the latest home video game console from Nintendo. Unlike previous consoles from the company, the Switch is a hybrid device that can be used both at home on television and on the go as a handheld system. The main unit of the Switch is the “Switch Console,” which contains all of the necessary hardware to run games. The console itself is a 6.2-inch tablet that can be placed into a docking station connected to a television. This allows players to enjoy Switch games on their TV when at home.

When undocked, the tablet can be taken with you and played as a handheld system similar to Nintendo’s previous offerings, such as the DS or 3DS lines of portable systems. The Switch also comes with two detachable controllers called “Joy-Con,” which can be attached to either side of the tablet when playing in handheld mode or used separately when playing multiplayer games on one television (each player would use one Joy-Con).

Does the Wii U Pro Controller Work With the Nintendo Switch?

The short answer is “no,” the Wii U Pro Controller will not work with the Nintendo Switch. However, there are some potential workaround options that might allow you to use your Wii U Pro Controller with the Switch.

The first thing to note is that the Wii U Pro Controller uses a different communication protocol than the Switch’s Joy-Cons or the Switch Pro Controller. The Wii U Pro Controller communicates using Bluetooth, while the other two controllers for the Switch use a proprietary wireless communication protocol developed by Nintendo. Because of this difference in protocols, it’s not possible to simply sync up a Wii U Pro Controller and have it work with the Switch.

However, all is not lost! There are some potential ways to get your Wii U Pro controller working with your new console. One possibility is to use a third-party adapter that can convert Bluetooth signals into the proprietary wireless signal used by the Switch. This would allow you to connect your Wii U Pro Controller to your Switch and use it just like any other controller.

as of April 13, 2024 5:12 am
Last updated on April 13, 2024 5:12 am

Another possibility is to use an emulator on your PC that allows you to play switch games using a controller of your choice – including the Wii U Pro Controller! This option might be a little bit more complicated than using an adapter, but it could be worth checking out if you’re really set on using your old controller with your new console.

So there you have it – even though the Wii U Pro Controller won’t work with the Nintendo Switch out of the box, there are still some ways you can potentially make it work if you’re willing to put in a little extra effort!

The Benefits of Using the Wii U Pro Controller With the Nintendo Switch

The Wii U Pro Controller is a great way to play the Nintendo Switch. The controller is very comfortable and has all the features you need to play your favorite games. The best part about using the Wii U Pro Controller is that it gives you a much better experience than using the Joy-Cons. The buttons on the Wii U Pro Controller are larger and more responsive, and the analog sticks are more precise. Overall, the Wii U Pro Controller is just a better way to play the Nintendo Switch.

How to Use the Wii U Pro Controller With the Nintendo Switch

The Wii U Pro Controller can be used with the Nintendo Switch console. To do this, simply connect the controller to the Switch using the provided USB cable. Once connected, the controller will work just like it does when used with the Wii U console.

You can use the Wii U Pro Controller with the Nintendo Switch in either handheld or tabletop mode. In handheld mode, you can use the controller as a traditional gamepad, with the left joystick controlling movement and the face buttons controlling actions. In tabletop mode, you can detach the Joy-Cons from the Switch and use them as individual controllers, or you can keep them attached and use them in conjunction with the Wii U Pro Controller.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using the Wii U Pro Controller with the Nintendo Switch. First, not all games support the use of the controller; for games that do not support it, you will need to use one of the other compatible controllers (Joy-Con controllers or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller). Second, some features that are available on other controllers may not be available on the Wii U Pro Controller; for example, there is no NFC touchpoint on the controller, so amiable figures cannot be used with it.

Despite these limitations, The Wii U Pro Controller is still a great option for gaming on your Nintendo Switch console. It’s comfortable to hold and has all of the essential buttons needed for most games. If you have a Wii U Pro Controller lying around and want to put it to good use, give it a try with your Nintendo Switch!

The Drawbacks of Using the Wii U Pro Controller With the Nintendo Switch

The Wii U Pro Controller was designed specifically for the Wii U console and therefore isn’t fully compatible with the Nintendo Switch. While it’s possible to use the controller with the Switch, there are some definite drawbacks.

First and foremost, the button layout on the Wii U Pro Controller is different than what’s found on the Joy-Cons or even the Switch Pro Controller. This can be confusing and make it difficult to play certain games. Additionally, because the Wii U Pro Controller wasn’t designed with the Switch in mind, it lacks some of the features that are found on other controllers, like HD Rumble or motion controls.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, using a Wii U Pro Controller with the Nintendo Switch drains its battery much faster than normal. So if you’re planning on playing for extended periods of time, you’ll want to make sure you have a spare controller or two handies.

Alternatives to the Wii U Pro Controller

When it comes to gaming, there are a variety of different controllers that can be used. Some people prefer using the traditional controller, while others may prefer something a little more unique. For those who are looking for an alternative to the Wii U Pro Controller, there are a few options available.

One option is the Wii U GamePad. The GamePad offers a built-in touchscreen that can be used to supplement gameplay. It also allows players to continue playing games even if the television is turned off.

Another option is the Wii Remote Plus. The Wii Remote Plus is an updated version of the original Wii Remote and includes motion-sensing technology. It can be used as a traditional controller or as a pointing device for menu navigation.

For those who want a more traditional experience, there are also third-party controllers available that are compatible with the Wii U system. These controllers offer similar features to the Pro Controller but may have additional buttons or features that some gamers may find useful.


In conclusion, the Nintendo Wii is an amazing console that offers a unique and fun gaming experience. It is definitely worth purchasing if you are looking for something different from the traditional consoles on the market.

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